Vinyl Furniture – Alldayer



  • Length: 102cms
  • Height: 90cms
  • Depth: 40cms

Capability: 200 LP´s & 650 singles approx.

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Vinyl Record Cabinet – Alldayer Spin

Why would we have to choose between singles or LP´s if our unit ALLDAYER can house our record collection regardless of whether they’re 7, 10 or 12 inches?

Just as its family in Button Up Furniture, the unit ALLDAYER is handcrafted in Bosse cedar wood coated with a natural matte lacquer, which makes it smooth to the touch. The upper front has four drawers to exclusively house singles (with a capacity for 160/165 records), and just as its big brother ALLDAYER, it has the same softclosing system to avoid unnecessary slamming that could damage our cherished records. The lower part has four spaces to lovingly house a broad collection of LPs. Its three dividers makes it easy to categorize your records to your liking: by style, years, alphabetically, etc…

A capacity for approximately 200 LPs and 650 singles makes this one of the star sideboards in our collection. It’s designed with space for your amplifier, turntable and some good loudspeakers. You’ll have your very own sound system in your favorite part of your home!

Weight225 kg