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Our Furniture for Vinyl Records

Organize and look after your record collection.

Furniture for large, small or medium collections. Made of handcrafted wood, attention lovingly paid to every little detail in our materials, lacquer and soft closing system. The back of the furniture has a perfect finish, with no sign of screws or nails, so that it can be placed anywhere in your home and be beautiful any which way.

About Button Up Furniture

Button Up Furniture is born from a passion: a passion that combines music, design, collecting and art. It’s also the result of a need: the search for beautiful yet functional furniture to store our record collection.

We believe that there are a lot more people like us who want to give their love for music a privileged place at home, we want our furniture and design complements to fulfil this function and give your collection the importance it deserves, paying careful attention to each detail.

Over the next few months we’ll be showing all the models we’ve been working on and so lovingly designed.

 We hope you like them as much as we do.

 Welcome to the Button Up family!